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A write-up of the “Cracking” password cracking challenge from 5Charlie CTF.

Cracking 1

Cracking 1 - Challenge

Manilov uses a short Python script to generate uncrackable passwords. It’s a shame, because if you could crack the password you might be able to find the flag in this zip archive.

Attachments: flag.zip, hacking_Cracking_1_-_HashCat_password_generator.py (Below)

# Author: Manilov
# Purpose: My uncrackable password generator
import secrets
import string

Cracking 1 - Solution

Examining the password generation script, it generates passwords in a predictable pattern. This translates very well to hash cracking mask.

Let’s get the hash we’ll be cracking by using the zip2john utility.

./zip2john flag.zip > hash.txt

This gives us a hash to target.


Now we can build a mask to crack the zip password. I prefer hashcat for cracking, so we’ll be using that. For the latest hash modes, I pull hashcat from Github and build from source.

hashcat -a 3 -m 17225 -O hash.txt "?u?s?l?l?d?d?d?l"

Here’s the options for this command:

  • -a 3: Crack using a mask attack
  • -m 17225: Use PKZIP (Mixed Multi-File) mode
  • -O: Use an OpenCL optimized kernel (helps GPU performance)
  • ?u: Uppercase letter mask
  • ?s: Specials mask (printable non-alphanumeric characters)
  • ?l: Lowercase letter mask
  • ?d: Digit mask

This gives us the password S.tr567k.

After unzipping the file with the password, we are given our flag.

Flag: flag{strong_password_is_stronk}